Just finished Wide Sargasso Sea. It only took me 3 hours this morning (5:30-8:30am) to read. I'll put up a review later.

Less than 100 pages to go in Jonathan Strange.

NT--a few books left. I hope I didn't leave the impression in my previous post that I had the entire NT to read. I've been reading bits and pieces all along.

Hopefully I'll make my first June "leg" after all!


Debi said...

Wow...you really are going to make it! Congratulations!

kookiejar said...

10 days to go. Keep up the good work. That last 100 of Jonathan Strange goes pretty fast.

Nyssaneala said...

Congrats! You're making a lot more headway than me. I have 140pgs left in the Bone People to finish by tomorrow. I should stop blogging!

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