Challenges, Challenges

To complete all the challenges I've joined that end in June, I have to:

by the 21st
1) complete the New Testament (Spring Thing Challenge)
2) finish Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell (halfway through a 800 page book!)(Once Upon a Time Challenge & Chunkster Challenge)

by the 30th
3) read The Bone People (Chunkster Challenge)
4) read Wild Swans (Banned Book & Chunkster Challenge)

I'd also like to finish The Wild Sargasso Sea by Wednesday for my face to face group. I know I can read it in a day as it's rather short.

I've already read 7 Chunksters but I really wanted to complete 10. I don't know if reading 3 Chunksters in 13 days can be done, but I'm going to give it my best shot.


Nyssaneala said...

Good luck to you! I'm also struggling a bit this month, trying to finish The Bone People by the 21st, and East of Eden and Nickel and Dimed by the 30th.

Rhinoa said...

Good luck to you. Just don't leave the house for the next few days and I am sure you will be fine :)

Debi said...

Whoa! That's a lot of reading...good luck!

Petunia said...

That's exhausting just looking at it. Good luck.

I love all your latest reviews. McDonald is a favorite around here, and the other 4 books sound wonderful as well. I haven't read any of them but will keep my eyes open for them now. Thanks!

Lisa said...

Wow. I am in awe.

Be warned, I plan to mention this post in my Thursday Thirteen this week.

Booklogged said...

Best wishes with all those fat books you're hoping to finish, 3M. I think I'd have to read nonstop to accomplish that. I'm looking forward to reading your reviews.

Bookfool said...

Wow, you sound determined! I can't remember if you've dropped by to check in, but you don't have to actually complete the Chunkster Challenge to sign up for the last drawing. If I already told you that, sorry. I'm tired, this week. 7 chunksters is amazing. I'm suitably boggled.

Lynne said...

Wow! That's a lot of reading to get finished. Good luck.

Carl V. said...

Hope you can finish the Once Upon a Time Challenge, there are some great prizes up for grabs!!! More than anything, though, I want to thank you for participating. It means alot to me and I am very appreciative.

Trish said...

Best wishes for your goals! I loved The Bone People--hope you do, too!

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