Number the Stars
by Lois Lowry

1989, 144 pp.

Newbery Medal

Rating: 4.5

This was an excellent children's book. I read it in a couple of hours while the rest of my family was at the movie theatre.

Annemarie Johansen and Ellen Rosen live in Copenhagen. They are neighbors and best friends. Ellen and her family are Jewish and World War II is going on; consequently they are in very real danger and Annemarie's family does everything they can to help them.

I can't really say much more without giving the whole story line away. This book fascinated me because many of the details are based on factual evidence. Books like these truly make history come alive and make the reader eager to do more research on the subject.

Highly recommended.


Lisa said...

I read this one this week as well. I thought it was good but didn't love it. I think this is in part because I recently read The Book Thief which overshadows this one. I posted a short review this morning.

Trish said...

I loved loved loved this book as a kid (I think we read it in 4th or 5th grade) and I re-read it again as a YA. I guess I should now read it as an adult!

As a side-tid-bit: I learned the word disdain from this book. :) I can still remember how the babysister disdained her fish shoes. Quite an impression.

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