I have 230+ book credits at PBS!! As of today, I am #2 on the 7 day AND the 30 day swapper chart. I have been a very busy girl. I mailed almost all of them before the postal rates changed. I won't be mailing much out from here on out until I get settled in the Omaha area.

Remember to comment with your PBS i.d. if you haven't already. I'll be getting a "few" books after I move! I'd like to get them from people I "know."


Lisa said...

I am jealous! I have ZERO credits, but I am about to mail out a couple books. I just hope nothing comes up before they arrive. You must not order many.

Laura said...

Wow! I have a pile of books waiting to be posted (I stopped posting for a while to use up some of my own credits before I started sending books out again).

Most of my current "inventory" are children's books but hopefully by the time you are settled and ready to use your credits, I will have some "grown-up" reading available too.

(laura0218 on PBS)

Suey said...

Amazing! What books do you have that so many people want? Kids books? Rare books? Whatever they are, that's so cool that you've got what people want!

3M said...

I posted mostly kids books, but I just went through my library to see if a book was wish-listed. If it was, I posted it. If not, I gave it to Goodwill, my library, or took it to Half-Price Books. I still have at least 50 book boxes that I packed! I estimate I gave away at least 1/3 of what I had. My husband was happy to see them go, but we all have sore backs now!

Suey said...

Sounds like a HUGE project.... and overwhelming.

janiejane said...

I am jealous - I'm lucky to keep 3 credits around. I just spend them so fast! I don't have much on my shelf right now, but you are welcome to take a look!

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