Everyone has been doing the 8 Random Things About Me, and I thought I would play along. I guess it's not random, though, because all of these happened the summer of 1990.

1. I was in the Middle East when Iraq invaded Kuwait.

2. I've been horseback riding at the foot of the pyramids.

3. I've been in King Tut's tomb.

4. I was baptized in The Red Sea.

5. I saw a dead human body floating in the Nile.

6. My wallet was miraculously returned to me hours later by a taxi driver in Cairo when I left it in the cab.

7. I knew enough limited Arabic to direct taxi cabs to my destination without telling them my destination (so they wouldn't go the long way).

8. I climbed what some people believe to be Mt. Sinai.


Anonymous said...

I knew some of this, but not all of it. Amazing. Can I hear more about it in a few weeks? Thanks for sharing!

kookiejar said...

That sounds like a very exciting vacation.

booklogged said...

You just peaked my curiosity and now I want to know more. You'll have to go into more detail in a future post or two. Okay?!

Lotus Reads said...

Wow, I spent a long time in the Middle East too...but never visited Egypt or Israel, I lament the fact that I didn't. Maybe some day. Horseback riding at the foot of the pyramids sounds glorious!

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