by John Gardner
174 pp.
Rating: 2

I didn't like this book. AT ALL. I absolutely love Beowulf, and I highly recommend reading or listening to Seamus Heaney's version. Whereas Beowulf could almost be considered a Christian work, Grendel is nihilistic. Enough said.


booklogged said...

Thanks for the warning, 3M. Every once in awhile it's refreshing to come across a review that doesn't compel me to add the book to my list. Just sorry you had to waste your time reading it.

Carl V. said... didn't like it then? ;)

I like the cover, at least.

Daphne said...

What is that on the cover??

Quixotic said...

I have this on my list of things to read. I too love Beowulf, and Seamus Heaney's version is excellent. I guess I'll have to see what I make of Grendel!

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