by Neil Gaiman

2006, 163 pp.

Rating: 4.5

I listened to this on CD with my kids. It was narrated by the author, and I must say he did a fantastic job. I will definitely be reading more by Gaiman. I hope to read Stardust before the movie comes out.

Coraline is an only child who lives in an apartment with her work-at-home parents. She's a bit bored and is always looking for something to do. One day she unlocks a door that has a brick wall behind it--only the brick wall isn't there anymore. She goes through the door and finds what looks like an exact replica of her apartment--including her parents. I will stop here because I don't want to spoil the plot. Let's just say I highly recommend it! Thanks to those in the Once Upon a Time Challenge who recommended it as well.


Petunia said...

Gaiman did a perfect job of telling his story. We all really loved it too.

Joy said...

I've been wondering where to start with a Gaiman book. This may be a good place. Thanks. :)

Debi said...

I simply adored this book! I've had Stardust in my hand the last two times I've been in the bookstore, but opted for American Gods and then M is for Magic. I'm guessing the third time will be the charm. Of course, I really to need to read the ones I did buy at some point, huh?

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