Thursday Thirteen #9

I am 90% sure I will be moving from my Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati home. My husband has a job offer that will be hard to pass up. I'm not overly sad or crushed, though. I think moving to a new area might actually be a fun adventure in our lives.

13 things I will miss about this area (in no particular order except for #1 and #2):

1. My brother and his family. They just moved here last November from Colorado, and now I might have to move. My kids were loving having their cousins here after living so far apart for so long. :-(

2. My husband's family. My husband's parents and his sister's family all live right in our neighborhood. My boys can ride their bikes over there in less than 5 minutes. They'll really miss their cousins on their dad's side of the family, too.

3. My German class at the Tri-State German American School. I had a great teacher, and the students were fun, too.

4. My f2f bookclub. I just "found" them last fall, and I was so relieved to find other readers in my county. I'll miss them!

5. Our in-ground pool. We just put it in last summer! We'll probably get to use it this summer, but still. We put it in a nice "courtyard" area with the pool as the centerpiece. My boys are really going to miss it.

6. All our friends here!

7. UK Basketball (This would be #1 or #2 on my husband's list!)

8. The Cincinnati Reds

9. The Bengals (Can you tell I'm a sports nut?) Although the Denver Broncos are still my #1 football team, I'll miss the Bengals hype.

10. All the library sales around here!

11. Our church and the homeschool co-op. We just started going to the co-op last fall and were enjoying it very much. There were over 150 kids from our church in the co-op, and that's not even all the homeschooled kids in our church. The boys will really miss their friends there.

12. The Cincinnati Zoo, the Louisville Zoo, the Newport Aquarium, the Cincinnati Museum Center, and all the other fun homeschool field trip places we visit frequently.

13. Leaving a piece of our family's "history" behind. We built this house and have lived in it for 8 1/2 years. That's the longest we've lived anywhere since we've been married.

On to a new adventure!


Laura said...

I grew up in Cincinnati and liked your list of things you'll miss. Having lived elsewhere for more than 20 years now, I appreciate the city's sports and cultural life -- you can't find that just anywhere. I also loved what they did with the riverfront area, it's such a great recreational spot and a fine example for so many other cities who are trying to revitalize.

Where are you moving to? I hope you will find many new things to appreciate in your new place.


Lynne said...

Where are you in No. KY? We lived in Villa Hills for a few years, and I loved the area. In fact, of all the places we've lived, that was my favorite.

3M said...

Laura--probably Omaha, NE.

Lynne--we live near Verona.

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