Booking Through Thursday

  1. Speaking of writing in books, what about writing the entire thing? Do you write? Aspire to write? Dream about writing? Answer: I don't currently write, but I do feel the inspiration sometimes and also feel there's a book in me somewhere. My 13 year old son is writing a book, though!

  2. If you do write, do you do it for yourself, or because you hope to be published? (Or because you ARE published?) Answer: N/A to me, but my son hopes to be published someday.


debi said...

It's my daughter who really has the writing bug here, too. (She's 9 and homeschooled as well.) Here's to them both being published!

Julia said...

Maybe your son writing a book will inspired you to write too *grin*...what kind of story does your 13 years old write?

Happy Booking Through Thursday! Have great day :)

Melody said...

Hi, I agree with Julia! Hopefully your son will inspire you into writing. ;)

Happy BTT!

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