TV Tuesday

I watch quite a few TV shows along with my book reading habit. I have TiVo, though, so I like to say I watch TV very efficiently. On Tuesdays I decided I would just write a bit about what's going on in the TV shows that I watch.

American Idol--Next year I'm not going to watch this until they get to the final 24 or the final 12. Too much of a waste of time until then.

Lost is very exciting right now. I'm anxious to see what they're going to do with Jack. Is he going to have to do medical experiments as well?

Survivor looks like it will be good again. I don't have any favorite survivors yet.

Battlestar Galactica--I love this show but Sunday's episode was a bit boring.

Gilmore Girls--(smiles sheepishly) This is one I watch all by myself because I'm the only female of the house. I'm totally caught up now. I've watched every episode--all of them. I wanted Lorelei to marry Luke, but now that she's with Christopher I think they should stick with that storyline. [Update: Well, after tonight's episode I guess that's a bust.] I wanted Rory to get together with Marty back when she was a freshman. I was really surprised when they brought him back this season. I've never liked Logan.

Stargate Atlantis--on hiatus until March

It's sort of embarassing admitting that I watch this many shows. I do read many more hours than I watch TV, though.


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